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Ramon's Travels: Nearneth Point

Located just south of Norfolkshire, Nearneth Point is a Granite Spire outpost that until recently was relatively inconsequential to the events within the Kingdom.  What appears to be a training ground for the Spire’s militant troops, Nearneth became a well known name during the Siege of Fallsburn in 32 ACI.   While the eyes of the region were focused on the battle between the House of Woe and Hand of Fate in the Hinterlands, Nurnberg moved troops along the Sandyshore River and took Fallsburn.  

Sheriff Kelly sent his general Hallvardr Olaf Rodgeirr to assist with the retaking of Fallsburn.   Olaf and his warriors of Nearneth even managed to persuade the generally neutral Norfolkshire vikings to come help in the war effort.  While the armies of Nicholshire took the southern walls, it was the unexpected forces of Nearneth and their allies that broke the walls in the north and allowed Castellan Wallace to be freed and consequently causing the Nurnberg retreat.  

Nearneth remains a small outpost, however they have a degree of respect that was heretofore unexpected.  The increase in exposure has forced the Spire to set up a small inn for travelers in the area, a turn of events that is both financially beneficial to the Spire and a source of annoyance to General Rodgeirr who sees the added attention as a distraction to his job training troops.

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Ramon's Travels: The Cave Dwellers of the Malone Mountains

In the mountains of the land that House Valeeria calls home there exists an enter connecting series of caves. Once one travels some 300 feet away from the opening where the daylight doesn't reach two things become obvious. First the cave is considerably warmer, it averages about 65 degrees which is balmy compared to the harsh weather outside.  People in Tor consider 20 degrees fair spring weather mind you. 

Second there is light coming from inside the cave. The light is caused by bioluminescent fungus that grows throughout the cave. The cave itself is warm and dry, but travelers should beware, for on these caves lives a strange tribe of people that was first discovered by Dagorian. From his reports they are shorter than average humans, no taller than four feet, rail thin and bony, and white as snow. He observed a group of them eating raw a hapless explorer, then he was suddenly attacked from behind. 

Knocked to the ground he looked up his attacker, covered in ritualistic scarring with teeth filed led down into sharp points. Dagorian stabbed the thing through the eye with a dagger and rolled it off of him only to look up and see the group descending on him. Making a retreat to the outside Dagorian was shocked to find the tribe would not venture near the mouth of the cave. 

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Ramon's Travels: Aldarian Pyramid

        Rising high above the dunes of Nam Hai, visible for miles, is the Aldarian Pyramid.  Named after the city nearby, the pyramid has been an enigma in the region for as long as anyone can remember.  The weather has eroded away much of the facade that once held gold and gems in mosaic that made the pyramid shine in the sun.  Only the peak still has the golden cap, a solid piece of gold with inlaid silver and gems.  It is sheer difficulty that has kept the robbers from stealing that last piece, as it is simply too huge to remove.  Some chunks have, sadly been chipped off.

        There is a small entrance on the southern wall of the structure.  Here one may enter a grand chamber with several doors.  These doors once were able to be opened by a system of pulleys but the ropes that maintained them have long since broken.  Some claim to have found other entryways, but these are quickly dismissed by the Chroniclers that study the pyramid.  Aldair maintains a militia of guards to defend the pyramid from tomb raiders.  

        Speculation as to what lies within the pyramid includes the tombs of ancient dead, a hidden civilization and the power resource for some ancient sprits of evil. 

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Ramon's Travels: The Kaylinn Swamps

        South of the Analova Plains, and to the east of the Llogrebat lies the decrepit and sinister Kaylinn Swamps.   Named for the evil witch that once inhabited the area,  very few people call this region home.  Secrets and treasure rumors abound as much as the very real threats of this wasteland.  

        As dangerous as they come, the swamp is rife with alligators, snakes and other creepy creatures including piranha and other monstrous beasts.  The land is no more hospitable, with crags and quicksand pits all around the land, many a lost traveller has never found their way out of these deadly swamps.  

        The natural dangers of the region should be enough to keep any sane traveller out, but for those who still think themselves apt to travel, there are myriad stories of zombies and other undead creatures roaming the swamps are not uncommon.  It is as if the entire landscape is cursed by black magic.  Some say the dark wizard Raziel is responsible for the turmoil in the land, others fear something worse lives in this land.  

        The swamps eventually dry up into a desert before reaching as far south as Sulphurdale, and on the eastern border lies the mountains of Krymm, holding the darkness directly within the cauldron that is the Kaylinn Swamps.  Only Eridu to the northeast is close to as dangerous as the land within this swamp.  Travel into this region is strongly advised against. 

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Ramon's Travels: Azara

        The Azaran land is the second oldest of the principalities. Lord Maarek Elets secured annexation of Azara in 26 ACI, whilst they officially joined the Kingdom in 28 ACI.  Cormick, the capital, has always had great relations with the Kingdom, and this has only strengthened of late.   Analova has always played a strong role in the Azaran economy, even before joining the kingdom.   The quarries, particularly the Zink Mines, brought much needed commerce and trade with the locals of Azara.  

        The people of Azara are a suspicious lot.  The first settlers from the kingdom were promised huge areas of land to mine or make what they will.  Several nobles gathered together to form the West Analova Mining Company.  The company solicited employees and settlers to leave their homes and move south from then capital Roses to northern Azara to work the land. These nobles paid the settler's travel expenses, indenting them to the company.  Additionally, the West Analova Mining Company took prisoners who were seeking a new life and signed them to work along the settlers. 

        Once the settlers arrived in Azara, they were met with great adversity. The local native folk did not welcome the newcomers, and the land was far from the prosperous mining land that was promised.  After the first year of hardship, there was a revolt, but the company still owned their debt and refused to release them.  Over the next few years the West Analova Mining Company agreed to end the contracts, taking what meager findings they could and making haste to greener pastures.  The people of Azara were without options, now forced to make the best of their bad situation.

        The ecology of the region is split between northern Azara and southern Azara. The north is a vast desert scape, dry and arid with very little farmable land.  The Cordillera is a mountainous nightmare to navigate.  Southern Azara by comparison is far more habitable.  Lush rainforest basins and cooler temperatures make life just a bit easier, yet the flooding of the basin presents its own challenges.   

    Coastal Azara is moderately more livable.  The Ruby Sea and Western Sea provide a decent living for those who live nearby.  Far to the north, across the Motomushi Mountains, Cormick stands as a shining example of the potential that Azarans wish to aspire to. 

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Ramon's Travels: The Principality of Tor

        Tor crosses the entirety of the Praelian continent, from the Western Sea to the Eastern Ocean.   From the Northern Ocean to the Sear Sea, Tor is a large and thin piece of the kingdom that is beautiful to behold yet terribly cold and uninviting.  Tor has never been a desirable place to live, yet there are many hearty souls who call Tor home.  Populated by the largest group of non-Praelians in the land, Tor stands alone with their acceptance of the Wildmen as residents.  Making no attempt to force citizenship upon the tribal folk, the Kingdom tolerates their existence since they are not occupying any truly valuable land.  Only the faction of House Valeeria maintain any consistent communication with the Wildmen, the rest of the kingdom does its best to ignore their presence all together. 

        Maarek never sought to include Tor, not until he finally had secured the talks with Fadlan, Krymm and Azara first.  While Tor joined the Kingdom almost two cycles before Fadlan, they were not offered a place until Maarek knew that Fadlan was committed.  Were it not for the desire to see the whole known world included, Maarek likely would have left Tor independent.   The principality has proven itself a useful addition, however, as the Valeerians now offer greater support of the Kingdom now that they are not isolated.

        Tor is known for having very long periods of day and night as the seasons change.  Some days can have no sun for weeks in the winter and no night for weeks over the summer.  This adds to the general malaise suffered by the people of the land.  Those who would visit rarely travel north of Alterron where the days and nights are more akin to the rest of the Kingdom.  

        The Valeerians act as if the whole land of Tor is a haunted evil place, how much of this is truth and how much is exaggeration is unknown.  Not very many chroniclers are willing to suffer the climate to find out.

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Ramon's Travels: The Principality of Krymm

        Krymm is the southeastern corner of the Kingdom of Praelia.  Geographically located south of the Mesker Mountains, north of the Balboan Ocean and from the Eastern edge of the Kaylinn Swamps all the way to the coast, Krymm is roughly equivalent to the size of Azara.   The principality is terribly rough as the land is rocky with little good soil for farming.  The mountains north and south often lead to flooding of Lake Overturf and the best farming lands to the east.   Storms from the violent Balboan Ocean ravage the landscape for many months out of the year, often destroying crops and buildings on the coastal areas with heavy winds and rains.  

        Long viewed as simply too inhospitable to seriously colonize, the region was ignored for cycles.  All of that changed when Clarksville became a colony of the Kingdom in 24 ACI.  Soon an increase in travel and trade gathered the attention of some cunning nobles who had long grown tired of suffering in the region.  These nobles witnessed Azara’s annexation and did not want to be left out.  So they worked tirelessly to think of ways to attract attention from Nicholshire in hopes of annexation.  It just so happened that Lord Elets had a similar thought in mind.  Maarek’s aspiration to unite the whole of the known world under the Praelian flag would be just what Krymm needed to infuse their economy.

        Both sides were desperate to gain the other’s alliance, but also not wanting to appear too eager and suffer a poor deal.  So, in what became known as the Sorrel Accords, Maarek and the five most prominent regional lords met to discuss terms.  

        Krymm offered all of their land and allegiances to Praelia, including direct access to the Engineer’s Lodge’s new airships, and Maarek pledged Merchant’s Guild trade discounts with Krymm at a 30% discount.  Neither side had the direct authority to broker on behalf of these guilds, but the deal was made and Krymm joined.

    Krymm also secretly secured the support of Analova in the event of any military action between Fadlan and Krymm in the accords.  This alone ultimately forces Analova to play out as mediator between the two principalities.  Were a war to break out, both Fadlan and Krymm could call upon Analova to support them and find out that Maarek pledged support to both sides.  This could potentially break up the entire eastern half of the Kingdom of Praelia.

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Ramon's Travels: Analova

     Analova is the oldest principality. Located in the center of the continent, By far the calmest climate of the whole Kingdom, Analova is home to rolling plains, forests and great rivers. Envied by the other principalities for their vast natural resources, the Analovans are often more accustomed to having ease of living. Roads are well kept and often paved with stone. Even in the smaller towns, the infrastructure is so organized that supplies from other counties are not difficult to acquire. The large rivers that trisect Analova afford trade opportunities unrivaled in the Kingdom. Additionally, since the capital of the Kingdom is located here, Analova is often favored politically over the newer principalities.

     For a great many cycles, Analova was the majority of the Kingdom. As such, many of the cities and towns within the region still see the other principalities as Outlanders to and less loyal. Not all Analovans feel this way, but many do speak out that they are more Praelian than Analovan. There is certainly an ingrained loyalty to the Kingdom in Analova that the other principalities do not always share. The prosperity of Analova is well known by the populace, as such an arrogant air often is resented by others, but the Analovans nobles are also very charitable and exchange favor for commodity to the other principalities.

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