Ramon's Travels: Aldarian Pyramid

        Rising high above the dunes of Nam Hai, visible for miles, is the Aldarian Pyramid.  Named after the city nearby, the pyramid has been an enigma in the region for as long as anyone can remember.  The weather has eroded away much of the facade that once held gold and gems in mosaic that made the pyramid shine in the sun.  Only the peak still has the golden cap, a solid piece of gold with inlaid silver and gems.  It is sheer difficulty that has kept the robbers from stealing that last piece, as it is simply too huge to remove.  Some chunks have, sadly been chipped off.

        There is a small entrance on the southern wall of the structure.  Here one may enter a grand chamber with several doors.  These doors once were able to be opened by a system of pulleys but the ropes that maintained them have long since broken.  Some claim to have found other entryways, but these are quickly dismissed by the Chroniclers that study the pyramid.  Aldair maintains a militia of guards to defend the pyramid from tomb raiders.  

        Speculation as to what lies within the pyramid includes the tombs of ancient dead, a hidden civilization and the power resource for some ancient sprits of evil. 

Posted on February 6, 2017 .