Melee: The Eternal Adventure

The World’s first Multiplatform 
Role Playing Game

The adventures in this table top game can be linked to the larger Meleeworld.  Designed to play interchangeably with the Sports reenactment LARP system, Melee: Culture Crafts and Combat, the adventures can go from the field to the tabletop and back seamlessly.   
Inside this book you will find

  • The Fury System - the most realistic RPG system designed for PVE and PVP play - by Sports reenactors!
  • A detailed history of the land of Alluvium and the Kingdom of Praelia including 20 of the most famous and powerful Factions and Guilds!
  • Quests, Adventures and more great rewards!


Stranded out of time

Forbidden to Leave

Cursed with Immortality

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Welcome to the land of Alluvium, where people from 
myriad cultures, across the sea of time, find themselves lost
in a land where death is not a permanent condition.

In the Kingdom of Praelia the adventure is eternal.  

Factions and rivals from ages untold battle each other for supremacy while the Guilds try to seize their own power.
All the while the nobles of the land make political maneuvers on a field where the games can last for centuries.

Guild Book: Ordo Arbiter
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Faction Book: House Valeeria
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