Melee: Culture Crafts Combat

The World’s first Multi Platform Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game

The sixth edition of the Kingdom of Praelia’s universal rulebook brings all of the information to get started with a sports reenactment group including tips on how to craft your own foam weapons and armor. The adventures in this LARP game can be linked to the larger Meleeworld. Designed to play interchangeably with the table top system, Melee: The Eternal Adventure, the adventures can go from the field to the tabletop and back seamlessly.


Time to take your foam larp to the next level with Melee: Culture Crafts Combat.

Welcome to the land of Alluvium, where people from myriad cultures, across the sea of time, find themselves lost in a land where death is not a permanent condition. In the Kingdom of Praelia the adventure is eternal. Inside this book you will find

  • Culture: A comprehensive guide to persona development, citizens, nobility, factions and guilds as well as other societies within the Kingdom of Praelia.
  • Crafting: Techniques mastered over 30 years to create safe and realistic sports weapons and equipment for a safe yet competative environment.
  • Combat: Rules of engagement for safe contact sports reenactment that can be enjoyed by anyone - combative or otherwise

This book is part of a series.

Downloadable basic rulebooks

The Kingdom of Praelia Organization

The Kingdom of Praelia is the official Melee organization for playing in the canon Meleeworld.  Players joining live the Eternal Adventure on many platforms including the most popular LARP and Table Top games.  

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