Dangerous dogs on Hampton Roads

Reports of large, vicious packs of dogs are coming daily by pigeons from the Hampton roads. Reportedly escaped from Falkenburg breeders, these beasts are traveling the landscape attacking travelers and seemingly any males they find. It is unknown as to how they escaped or how many of them are out there.

Some claim that these beasts are the rumored Schwartzlowen MorderHunds, bred for protection by post- Pax Romona - Nurnberg members.

The public is advised to stay indoors and protect livestock, the dogs are reported to be over 3 feet from shoulder to toe and 200+ pounds.

Posted on February 17, 2019 .

Kingdom of Praelia maps now available in two sizes!

This full color map of the Kingdom of Praelia is now available in two sizes. 24x16 and 16x12

Suitable for plotting your course for adventure or framing for your wall, now you can have a map of all five principalities and the larger cities across the land.

From $15.00

Posted on February 15, 2019 .

Aiken wins - You get 50% off!

Celebrating the win of Aiken over Wade at the Breitenburg Crown War!

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Posted on February 3, 2019 .

Will to fight mechanics

Will to fight

For each level of wound taken, that is the level you must beat on a WILL vs Victory chart to keep fighting.  

For example: 

light - apprentice (4-9)

Medium - average (10-18)

Solid - journeyman (19-27)

Also useful for torture and similar aptitudes, but replace wound levels for roll rating levels on the victory chart

But my character is tougher than that!

STA determines if you must test. 

STA of 1 full rank above will ignore test. 


STA of 3 ignores test for Light

4 ignores Medium

5 ignores Solid

6 ignores Hard 

Increased pain tolerance and similar effects will grant an exchange to the appropriate roll.

Posted on January 26, 2019 .

Wanted! Rudolf "Cannon" Karstein

Wanted with reward for return to Breitenburg, the criminal of Nurnberg known as Rudolf Karstein, is hereby sought for bounty.

Karstein was initially just sought for questioning regarding the events that led to the death of a visiting Lord in Breitenburg. Having discovered that Karstein fled the city, a search of his house uncovered multiple illegal firearms including a swiveling cannon that is possibly the weapon used to kill Lord Raziel Mendoza.

He is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Approach with caution. Return him to Breitenburg alive if at all possible for full reward.

Posted on January 20, 2019 .

Knowledge roll

Did you know:

Some weapons or gear require a technique to use effectively. Even when fighting Freestyle, these weapons count as using a technique for Style Rolls. This means that weapon may always counter attack if applicable. 

Posted on January 5, 2019 .

Happy New Cycle

Welcome to the New Cycle.  

As we venture forward into 36 ACI discoveries abound in the Kingdom.  With the horror of Drachen well behind us, peace seems to have taken hold over the Kingdom as a whole.  Individual counties of course are still plagued by the usual faction warfare, guild maneuvering and noble household machinations. 

The Brotherhood of Balor continues to expand their growth, claiming territories in southern Analova previously held by Justice. Speaking of, Justice has seemingly abandoned many of their outposts in Krymm, choosing to consolidate their power into larger outposts in each principality. 

The Nemeans continue to appear lethargic as they lose territories in Analova and Azara to encroaching Griffons Gambit and Triad forces.  The Granite Spire has conversely expanded territory into Tor and Fadlan. 

Clan Chattan recently went back to war with Nurnberg at Fallsburn.  While the Scots defended the city, the Falcon showed that it was not going to sit idly by in Falkenburg.  Rumors of the loss of major leadership and the return of an older regime invite danger from the Reich. 

House Valeeria and the Chalice of Thought recently turned to arms over a series of islands in the northern Altarian Ocean.  

Times change, but are never boring in the Kingdom of Praelia. 

Posted on January 2, 2019 .

A sense of unease

The strange guildsmen of the Grave Dancer’s Union are often noticeable by the strange uneasy feeling that can be felt in their presence. Just exactly why this happens is something of a mystery to outsiders. Rumors circulate that it is a curse from God.  Some speak tales that Old Man Rum brought shame upon his people and this shame radiates through his brethren.  One particularly common explanation proposes that their constant presence in the necropolises and among the dead bodies simply taints the soul and becomes noticeable to others.  The wilder theories suggest the feeling of the netherworld itself permeates through these guildsmen.  

Maybe it is all I your head, but maybe there is more to it. Do you dare to risk being wrong?

Posted on January 1, 2019 .

Extended hit randomization













5-upper arm









1-clavicle / neck

2-chest / shoulder blades

3-ribs / ribs

4-gut / lumbar spine

5-waist / tailbone

6-groin / butt

Riding hit chart

1,2 = rider / 3,4,5,6 horse

Posted on December 20, 2018 .

Strange Mask found

a threat or just an odd artifact?

Tobias Crowell discovered this mask on the rotting pile of refuse just Northeast of Welch gulch. It could just be the mask of some actor or perhaps a woodworker’s toy.

Still, the position on a pile of refuse found heaped in the middle of the road on the way to Shadehaven implies to some that this was a warning.

Masks often imply warnings, trash heaps likewise convey ill intent. If this isn’t a simple discarded toy, this could potentially be a dark sign of something coming to bring great harm.

Posted on December 19, 2018 .