Fury Concepts

Melee Demo Teams

The Fury Concepts Melee demo Teams are selected by our team to organize and take part in demonstrations of our games all over the world At game stores, parks and other fun spots,.

Team members get rewards including exclusive access to early releases, special member's only perks as well as discounts and Letcher Credit at the Meleestore good for our entire catalog of games and gear.  

Whether one platform or all of them, from Live Action Sports Reenactment to Table Top Eternal Adventures and even our board games, demo team members help us spread the word and introduce new players to the Meleeworld games.


Interested in joining the Demo Team? 

What do we do?

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  • Go to game stores and play Melee games

  • Meet new people and show them the world of Melee

  • Demonstrate live action or table top gaming

  • Take part in kingdom wide events that will impact future products

  • Host and run official sanctioned tournaments 

  • Earn great rewards

  • Have tons of fun


Demo Team members are part of a special group of enthusiastic Melee supporters.  They are representatives in the community who have the prestige of being officially recognized ambassadors from the Meleeworld.

They work to support gaming and the community through fun demonstrations and events.  Members report to the Fury Teams leaders monthly.  Members receive exclusive perks including but not limited to: 


Exclusive In-Game Items

Fury Team Member Cards

Personalized Game Gear

Access To Members Only Products

Letcher Credit at the MeleeStore

Fury Team Custom T-Shirts

and more.