Melee: The eternal Adventure Errata and FAQ

Some earlier copies of the Eternal Adventure feature some errors that made it into print. If you posses one of these copies, you can take advantage of the Meleeworld Insurance Program, or you may keep track of any errors from the Eternal Adventure or any of our other books should they come up..  The Errata will also give official updates and answers to frequently asked questions before they get reprinted in new book..

Latest Update 11/15/2016

Melee: The Eternal Adventure

  • Page 18 box

    • Should read "Flair" not "Flare."

  • Page 54 Box "Ban"

    • Should read "Clansmen dress similarly and can be indistinguishable from one another to the casual observer."

  • Page 57 Clarification

    • Granite Spire members may purchase additional affiliations required by their ban for 5 points each.

  • Page 200 Box

    • Should read Endowments may be purchased at the rate of one per six drawback points picked.

      Techniques from the Basic list may be purchased at the rate of one level per four drawback points picked. 

      Affiliations may be purchased at the rate of one per 5 points 

  • Page 251 Fast Learner

    • Should read "You pick skills and knowledge up quickly. for each level, you gain 1d6 to roll per session, on the roll of a 6, you may learn an aptitude you came across for free."

  • Page 265 Armory

    • Should read "You posses a higher than average quality kit of gear, weapon and / or armor, or a collection of run of the mill weapons and armor...

  • Page 283 Endowment Modifiers

    • Should read ""No endowment modifier mayexceed +/-6d6 or 36."

  • Page 284 BOX

    • Should add: "Overpower. Often when two fighters are both using techniques it can seem like they will both always hit each other so why roll STYLE? The Answer is Overpower. If the Style Roll difference is greater than 6, the higher roll Overpowers and negates any counter hit by the opponent.

  • Page 317 - 319

    • Endowment and Aptitude references are reversed on this page and the following examples. Challenge Rolls are always based on the Endowment with the Aptitude roll being used as the exchange when applicable.

  • Page 319 paragraph 1

    • should read "Filch triggers the trap and loses...."

  • Page 320

    • Should read "Lose" not "Loose."

  • Page 333 Last Paragraph

    • Should Read ""The baron is not going to let him get away..."

  • Page 342 Movement Charts

    • All instances of STA should read SPD instead.


Guild Book: Ordo Arbiter

  • Page 77 box

    • Cestus should read "+1D6"

Arbitrator's Compendium

  • Page 47 Randomization Chart

    • Should add "6: Torso"

  • Pg 50 Family Perks

    • Should add "No aptitude or technique may drop below 1 EXP to learn in this fashion."

Updated Boon and Ban

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