Meleeworld Membership

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Membership with Meleeworld includes many benefits across all of our product lines including but not limited to:


  • Kingdom of Praelia Citizenship
  • Melee: The Eternal Adventure in-game perks
  • Melee: Lords of the Land exclusive cards
  • Insurance Coverage at Sanctioned Events
  • Early access to new book releases
  • Special Members Only Web Content
  • Melee Book Insurance Program

Current in-game perks:

  • Melee: Lords of the Land- Custom Persona Card
  • Melee: The Eternal Adventure- Errantry Vassalage for your Character 

Kingdom of Praelia Citizenship

Members are automatically citizens within the Kingdom of Praelia.  This grants the rights to register badges, join Factions and Guilds, participate in Live Action Sports Reenactment events and most importantly covers the member's accident insurance at sanctioned Kingdom events. 

A Registered Persona

Officially canonized and playable within any platform, members characters are a step above the average player.   Their stories become part of the rest of the world and may even appear in future supplements!

Membership packet and discounts at Meleestore

Members will receive a membership packet including a quickstart rulebook, membership card and other bonus content from Meleeworld.  Additionally, membership may gain a discount at the Meleestore for books, apparel, games and more! 

Early Access to New Releases

Members receive the opportunity to purchase Meleeworld books at least one week earlier than everyone else.   

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Melee Book Insurance Program

When you are enrolled in the Melee Book insurance Program, you have the peace of mind that your library investment in the Meleeworld line will remain complete, updated and in good condition.  

The plan is simple.  If for any reason you want a new copy of a book you have purchased, simply send the old book back to us and you will get a replacement book returned to you for 50% of the retail cost.  Simple as that.  

That means you only pay half of the cost to replace a book that your friend's cat spilled queso dip on. As many times as you like.  No more worries about bent corners or broken spines.  Just send it back and get a replacement for half cost.  

From time to time there may be an updated version of a book - this will not disqualify the purchase.  So long as it is the same edition and same title, you may get that book replaced and updated for 50% cost when you send in your old book.  How great is that?

Membership with Meleeworld

Basic: $15.00

The simple year-long membership.  Member receives all rights of Citizenship in the Kingdom of Praelia, a membership card, insurance coverage at all sanctioned events, access to special web content, birthday gift from the kingdom and one featured in-game perk (see featured list online).

Common: $25.00

The common year-long membership with publications.  Member receives Basic Membership benefits + a Primary Rulebook and 10% off all items at Meleestore.

Standard: $35.00

The standard preferred year-long membership.  Member receives all rights of Common Membership and Membership in the Melee Book Insurance Program

Complete: $55.00

The complete all access year-long membership.  Member receives all rights of Standard Membership + 15% off all items at Meleestore, all featured in-game perks and all Kingdom level event admissions paid in full for term of citizenship.

Family: Starting at $10.00 per additional member of the same household

Adding an additional member of the same household on the Family plan discounts each tier of membership.

Children: Free

Children under 13 are granted free Basic Citizenship with their parent or guardian’s current Citizenship.