Proving Grounds: Coordinated Attacks

Sometimes the best way to take down your opponent is to team up on them.  It goes without saying that two fighters are harder to defeat than one.  While most fighters will take turns battling their opponents, a well trained pair of fighters can truly overpower their opponent by coordinating their attacks.  Coordinated attacks take advantage of the precision timing to weaken the defenses of the opponent by splitting his attention between multiple simultaneous attacks.

In order to perform a coordinated attack in this way, both attackers must have previously trained together.  This allows them each to purchase the Aptitude Team Timing.  If both attackers have at least one level in Team Timing with each other,  they may attempt to synchronize their attack.   The attack phase works as follows. 

  1. All combatants roll for order of operations (Initiative SPD) 
  2. Both attackers must attack at the same action, so the faster attacker must hold her action until the slower attacker's action.  
  3. Both attackers roll SPD to synchronize.  The synchronize rolls must match exactly in order to gain the coordination effect.
  4. If the synchronize rolls match, the attackers add their AO together as one attack and add any DD penalties together to apply to the opponent.  One attack roll is made, with the combined attacker's Style dice vs the opponent's Style.  
  5. Results of the attack are calculated as normal.  Damage is applied as normal for each strike individually.  

If successful, the coordinated attacks can be very devastating.  of course it is difficult to roll exact matches for timing to gain this effect.  This is why the Aptitude: Team Timing is so important.   For each level in Team Timing, you gain one exchange to the synchronize roll.  

Team Timing

You have trained with another combatant for some time, learning the subtle cues and movements that allow the two of you to coordinate the timing of your actions.  

Note, this Aptitude must be purchased individually for each combatant you have trained with in this way.  


Posted on February 7, 2017 .