Ramon's Travels: The Principality of Tor

        Tor crosses the entirety of the Praelian continent, from the Western Sea to the Eastern Ocean.   From the Northern Ocean to the Sear Sea, Tor is a large and thin piece of the kingdom that is beautiful to behold yet terribly cold and uninviting.  Tor has never been a desirable place to live, yet there are many hearty souls who call Tor home.  Populated by the largest group of non-Praelians in the land, Tor stands alone with their acceptance of the Wildmen as residents.  Making no attempt to force citizenship upon the tribal folk, the Kingdom tolerates their existence since they are not occupying any truly valuable land.  Only the faction of House Valeeria maintain any consistent communication with the Wildmen, the rest of the kingdom does its best to ignore their presence all together. 

        Maarek never sought to include Tor, not until he finally had secured the talks with Fadlan, Krymm and Azara first.  While Tor joined the Kingdom almost two cycles before Fadlan, they were not offered a place until Maarek knew that Fadlan was committed.  Were it not for the desire to see the whole known world included, Maarek likely would have left Tor independent.   The principality has proven itself a useful addition, however, as the Valeerians now offer greater support of the Kingdom now that they are not isolated.

        Tor is known for having very long periods of day and night as the seasons change.  Some days can have no sun for weeks in the winter and no night for weeks over the summer.  This adds to the general malaise suffered by the people of the land.  Those who would visit rarely travel north of Alterron where the days and nights are more akin to the rest of the Kingdom.  

        The Valeerians act as if the whole land of Tor is a haunted evil place, how much of this is truth and how much is exaggeration is unknown.  Not very many chroniclers are willing to suffer the climate to find out.

Posted on January 16, 2017 .