From the Principalities: The First Duke of the Hinterlands

The Hinterlands, until recently, has always been a land on the edge of the known world. Considered to be outlands even to most Torans, the island was never even mapped until Woden became Castellan in 31 ACI.   Even with the settlement of Maarek's Landing growing over the past two cycles, the region has been little more than an trading outpost politically.   All of this is about to change in a big way.  

Chancellor of Armaments, Lord Valguard Gunnarson of House Smith and architect of much of Maarek's Landing has officially declared himself Crown pendente bellum.   Now that Valguard stands to become the Duke, he has declared that he will unite the entirety of the Hinterlands.  

Valguard has not run unopposed, however.  Lord Euric stepped up to declare his intent to challenge Valguard at the war.   So, this April the war between the two lords shall be held to determine who will stand as Duke of all the Hinterlands. 

Posted on January 15, 2017 .