Ramon's Travels: Azara

        The Azaran land is the second oldest of the principalities. Lord Maarek Elets secured annexation of Azara in 26 ACI, whilst they officially joined the Kingdom in 28 ACI.  Cormick, the capital, has always had great relations with the Kingdom, and this has only strengthened of late.   Analova has always played a strong role in the Azaran economy, even before joining the kingdom.   The quarries, particularly the Zink Mines, brought much needed commerce and trade with the locals of Azara.  

        The people of Azara are a suspicious lot.  The first settlers from the kingdom were promised huge areas of land to mine or make what they will.  Several nobles gathered together to form the West Analova Mining Company.  The company solicited employees and settlers to leave their homes and move south from then capital Roses to northern Azara to work the land. These nobles paid the settler's travel expenses, indenting them to the company.  Additionally, the West Analova Mining Company took prisoners who were seeking a new life and signed them to work along the settlers. 

        Once the settlers arrived in Azara, they were met with great adversity. The local native folk did not welcome the newcomers, and the land was far from the prosperous mining land that was promised.  After the first year of hardship, there was a revolt, but the company still owned their debt and refused to release them.  Over the next few years the West Analova Mining Company agreed to end the contracts, taking what meager findings they could and making haste to greener pastures.  The people of Azara were without options, now forced to make the best of their bad situation.

        The ecology of the region is split between northern Azara and southern Azara. The north is a vast desert scape, dry and arid with very little farmable land.  The Cordillera is a mountainous nightmare to navigate.  Southern Azara by comparison is far more habitable.  Lush rainforest basins and cooler temperatures make life just a bit easier, yet the flooding of the basin presents its own challenges.   

    Coastal Azara is moderately more livable.  The Ruby Sea and Western Sea provide a decent living for those who live nearby.  Far to the north, across the Motomushi Mountains, Cormick stands as a shining example of the potential that Azarans wish to aspire to. 

Posted on January 23, 2017 .