Ramon's Travels: Nearneth Point

Located just south of Norfolkshire, Nearneth Point is a Granite Spire outpost that until recently was relatively inconsequential to the events within the Kingdom.  What appears to be a training ground for the Spire’s militant troops, Nearneth became a well known name during the Siege of Fallsburn in 32 ACI.   While the eyes of the region were focused on the battle between the House of Woe and Hand of Fate in the Hinterlands, Nurnberg moved troops along the Sandyshore River and took Fallsburn.  

Sheriff Kelly sent his general Hallvardr Olaf Rodgeirr to assist with the retaking of Fallsburn.   Olaf and his warriors of Nearneth even managed to persuade the generally neutral Norfolkshire vikings to come help in the war effort.  While the armies of Nicholshire took the southern walls, it was the unexpected forces of Nearneth and their allies that broke the walls in the north and allowed Castellan Wallace to be freed and consequently causing the Nurnberg retreat.  

Nearneth remains a small outpost, however they have a degree of respect that was heretofore unexpected.  The increase in exposure has forced the Spire to set up a small inn for travelers in the area, a turn of events that is both financially beneficial to the Spire and a source of annoyance to General Rodgeirr who sees the added attention as a distraction to his job training troops.

Posted on February 20, 2017 .