From the Principalities

Falkenburg has recently come under the assault of vicious animal things.  Chroniclers and adventurers have flocked to the newly opened land beyond the wall to see what waits for them, however it appears that death is key among those things.   Creatures not unlike zombies of the Kaylinn Swamps have been sighted shambling about the land.  

Offenbach, a small city just north of the wall, has reported many of these undead cretin assaulting their towns.  They appear to be wearing Nurnberg soldier's training clothes, blue and red.  It is presumed by the Mayor of Offenbach that these creatures are the turned frost zombies of Nurnberg patrols.  Perhaps these undead attacked their barracks during a war game.  It is unknown at this time.

On a related topic, the assault on Haus Frankfurt has resulted in all of the nobles being killed by the plague.  Whatever has brought this heinous issue to the Kingdom is certainly not done yet.  Only time will tell.  

Posted on February 19, 2017 .