On the Field: Currency

What the kingdom and county currency is all about

            The Kingdom of Praelia’s official currency is the Letcher.   Because the Kingdom Capital is Nicholshire, the Letcher are small coins featuring the Star of Altarius on one side and the other side features the county arms of Nicholshire.  The Letcher is a standard size coin appearing in only one denomination.  The reason for this is stability within the economy, which we will get into more later.

            Other counties within the Kingdom of Praelia that participate in the economy would have their own coin currency – given a unique name and design - minted by the kingdom.  As to provide the most reasonably stable economy, minting of the coins is overseen by the Capital.   This way coins are similar in design while being distinguishable from each other. This also helps to promote accountability for conversion within the kingdom.  

            In the County of Roses, for example, the coin would be called the Rolet.  The would feature the standard Star of Altarius on the back, whilst the front featured a gemstone and the script “Rolet of Roses.”   Conversely, the coin of Namron, known for their great duck-filled lakes, would show the head of a duck and the name Namron on the front and the back shows the Star of Altarius. 

Posted on February 18, 2017 .