Ramon's Travels: The Kaylinn Swamps

        South of the Analova Plains, and to the east of the Llogrebat lies the decrepit and sinister Kaylinn Swamps.   Named for the evil witch that once inhabited the area,  very few people call this region home.  Secrets and treasure rumors abound as much as the very real threats of this wasteland.  

        As dangerous as they come, the swamp is rife with alligators, snakes and other creepy creatures including piranha and other monstrous beasts.  The land is no more hospitable, with crags and quicksand pits all around the land, many a lost traveller has never found their way out of these deadly swamps.  

        The natural dangers of the region should be enough to keep any sane traveller out, but for those who still think themselves apt to travel, there are myriad stories of zombies and other undead creatures roaming the swamps are not uncommon.  It is as if the entire landscape is cursed by black magic.  Some say the dark wizard Raziel is responsible for the turmoil in the land, others fear something worse lives in this land.  

        The swamps eventually dry up into a desert before reaching as far south as Sulphurdale, and on the eastern border lies the mountains of Krymm, holding the darkness directly within the cauldron that is the Kaylinn Swamps.  Only Eridu to the northeast is close to as dangerous as the land within this swamp.  Travel into this region is strongly advised against. 

Posted on January 30, 2017 .