A trial of mettle part 2

Trial of Mettle: February 2nd year, 36 ACI

Vizzini and I arrived at Ricardo’s Corner just after nightfall. The people of the town were already inside the walls and behind closed doors.  A small town like this doesn’t have an inn for travelers.  I will have to hope there are kind people here who can give us rest, lest we must move on and make a camp in the forest.  

So, I knock upon the door to the largest house I see.  An old woman opens the door for me and lets us stay the night.  She is very ill, however, and dies in the night.  Vizzini and I spend the rest of the next day preparing her for burial and seeking out anyone who knows of her family.  Unfortunately we are left without any leads as the rest of the village seemed to hate this woman.  They say that her grandson is her only living relative and he is to be found in the town of Tyria just east of here.  

We make haste to Tyria, in search of this grandson, for he has a sad burden waiting for him at Ricardo’s Corner.  When we arrive, the people are gathered at the church.  I had forgotten, it is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. So, I step off of Sablemane and enter the church.  What I see here is astounding.  I admit, I was taken aback.  

The church was full of people and livestock!  I saw merchants all along the walls and goods and services of all sorts being bought and sold.  

A man came up to me and said, brazenly, “I’ve got things you won’t believe, name your pleasure and I will sell.  I can fix your wildest needs, I’ve got Heaven and I’ve got Hell!”  

I turned to the pulpit to see another in a piebald coat offering that I should “Take your pick of my finest wine, or lay your bets on this bird of mine.”

A blue haired man said to me “Don’t be scared, give me a try, There is nothing you can’t buy!”   

Turning away, I finally saw something that so reviled my eyes that I lost my temper.  A man in a Nurnberg surcoat was standing on the crucifix of our Lord spouting verse “Borrow cash on the finest terms, use this bank of Nuremburg!” 

The outrage in my eyes did shock Vizzini, who was respectful enough to leave his wares outside of the holy space.    As the fire swelled within my body, I took to a violent stance and began to thrash about the stalls of these merchants who would dare to defile this church.  Something overtook me as I called out to them “This church should be a house of prayer!  But you have made it a den of thieves!” and with one swing of my mace after another I smashed and crushed through the wares, expelling the merchants from the hollowed halls.  

I remember not how long it was that I remained succumb to the fever of battle, but when I regained my composure I was met by the bishop of Tyria who chastised me for my actions.  He claimed the devil took my soul and demanded that I leave the town.  Vizzini and I left as he wished, although I did make the Bishop Giotto Colombel aware of my intentions to inform the Society of St. Paul regarding this occurrence.  He swore to see me stripped of my position as a Paladin and furthermore to ensure I would never achieve knighthood - for he was a very powerful man in the kingdom.  Of that, I guess time will tell where the Lord takes me.  For now I will continue my journey to set right what was wrong.  

On the way out Vizzini told me that he had met with the old woman’s grandson and sent him back to Ricardo’s Corner.  This was good, for even if I did lose my temper, our mission here was completed.  Vizzini also told me that he was concerned that there may have been some credence to the words of the bishop, in that during my outburst it was observed that my eyes did reflect the light off of the cross much like a cat’s eye.  I hope for my sake that was just a trick of the light.  

For now, we journey north to Fallsburn. 

~Phillip Stephenson  

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A trial of Mettle

A Trial of Mettle: 2nd year of 36 ACI

I spent the last week cleaning up and securing the town of Breitenburg after the war that placed Aiken on the throne.  Having no more faith in Aiken than I did Wade at the end, I have decided that it is time to move on.  Cadhla has taken leave in order to pursue some personal goals, and while I am not fully aware of his activities- I shall honor his request. This coupled with the vacation of the Tempered Faith from Breitenburg has left me with little to no reason to remain. 

So it was decided that I would venture out on my own, to continue my trials and help towns along the way.  I prepared my things, prepared Sablemane and made my exit north, to visit Fallsburn. 

I was on the great bridge across the Analova river when I heard a voice call out to me. 

“So, you are a welcher?  Your word is as worthless as the breath that spoke the words doth stink eh?” The voice said.  I turned myself to face my accuser and saw a man in a cart.  

“How dare you...” I said as I looked, then I realized my error and called to the man.  “Vizzini!  Why I... of course, our pact.  Well then, you know my purpose.  There are many towns and cities on my route. I’m heading north first.  There will be many wild dangers, the weather is cold and inhospitable and some say the Darkwald Forest itself is full of terrors.   Are you up for the challenge?”

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward.  If it is as dangerous as you say, they will pay a premium for my goods.” The traveling merchant replied.  And with that our contract was once again being fulfilled.  He would ride with me, supplying my needs, I would promote his wares as my personal preference.  

We set out north. Our first stop was the sleepy hamlet of Ricardo’s Corner.  It may not be Cadhla with me, but it could be a lot worse!

~Phillip Stephenson 

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Kobold Attack!

The city of Wulpert was attacked last night by rampaging Kobolds. These small creatures are native to the land, and generally leave the people of Wulpert alone.

The motivation for the attack is unknown. The beast men damaged many buildings, setting fires to merchant stalls and the guilds in the area.

They did not go too far into the city before they were chased away by town guards. Castellan Spooner has increased the bounty offered by huntsmen to 15 Letcher per Kobold skull brought to the city.

Posted on March 28, 2019 .

sheriff - roads - castleton

With a lack of candidates coming forwars to replace Stephen Kelly as Sherriff, Chancellor Offa has opened the position to outsiders.

Duke Ramon is currently traveling to inspect the new Praelian Roads built in concert with the Assassin’s Gambit. These roads connect major cities throughout the Kingdom.

The castleton fair is coming soon, Lords and ladies from all across the land are joining to enjoy the festivities.

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A song by the Bardic duo Chesterfield and Abernathy

The Bremalo

Tis a pale sort of tale about ye olde ‘be freak,’

With a forty-inch waist with a ten-inch beak.

Overweight, out of shape and bearing the thrice the chin,

Her brassiere doth strike fear in the hearts of stalwart men. 

Thyne girl's a Bremelo... Bremalo. 

Twas Me and Abernathy in Nicholshire, we were lookin' suave

On Wentworth Avenue of course, hit in traffic, surely twas a horse!

It was a big Bremelo, heavy standing right upon my toe,

Had an overt jelly belly as if tryin' to say ‘hello.. ho ho ho.’

I was certainly afright as she looked down my way,

We could not run because her buns blocked the whole of the alleyway!

To be blunt, maid twas fat, ready for culture, crafts and combat!

Thyne girl's a Bremelo... Bremalo. 

I surely love bacon, and my steak but on about those big ole clucks

She had hairy underarms and a whopping mega gut!

Her hair was short and wavy, drove my Fido crazy,

A Balor beast chasin' fellas in the Navy.

Look at her physique she ain't my kinda lass,

The floor creaks when the beast starts walking past!

Thyne girl's a Bremelo... Bremalo. 

Just a Bremelo.

You can't ignore the way she snores, cause she blows down barn doors. 

Maiden’s got the kind a face only a mother adores.

A big Danish Skull head with a 10-inch beak,

Big lips, no hips with the smell of a beast!

Thyne girl's a Bremelo... Bremalo. 

I say she could lift a moose Abernathy, she took a spinshot to the face!  

Just another Bremelo, Chesterfield, you know how it goes.

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Strange blue Star appears over Praelia

From all across the kingdom, the night sky has been lit by a strange blue star. The star entered the sky three days ago and has remained visible each night, drowning the landscape in deep blue hues. Even at the darkest part of night, when the moon is low, it is as if there was a full moon bestowing deep blue light.

Various guilds and factions have their opinions about the purpose of this Star. The Society officially will not comment on the happening.

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Dangerous dogs on Hampton Roads

Reports of large, vicious packs of dogs are coming daily by pigeons from the Hampton roads. Reportedly escaped from Falkenburg breeders, these beasts are traveling the landscape attacking travelers and seemingly any males they find. It is unknown as to how they escaped or how many of them are out there.

Some claim that these beasts are the rumored Schwartzlowen MorderHunds, bred for protection by post- Pax Romona - Nurnberg members.

The public is advised to stay indoors and protect livestock, the dogs are reported to be over 3 feet from shoulder to toe and 200+ pounds.

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Kingdom of Praelia maps now available in two sizes!

This full color map of the Kingdom of Praelia is now available in two sizes. 24x16 and 16x12

Suitable for plotting your course for adventure or framing for your wall, now you can have a map of all five principalities and the larger cities across the land.

From $15.00

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Aiken wins - You get 50% off!

Celebrating the win of Aiken over Wade at the Breitenburg Crown War!

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