A trial of Mettle

A Trial of Mettle: 2nd year of 36 ACI

I spent the last week cleaning up and securing the town of Breitenburg after the war that placed Aiken on the throne.  Having no more faith in Aiken than I did Wade at the end, I have decided that it is time to move on.  Cadhla has taken leave in order to pursue some personal goals, and while I am not fully aware of his activities- I shall honor his request. This coupled with the vacation of the Tempered Faith from Breitenburg has left me with little to no reason to remain. 

So it was decided that I would venture out on my own, to continue my trials and help towns along the way.  I prepared my things, prepared Sablemane and made my exit north, to visit Fallsburn. 

I was on the great bridge across the Analova river when I heard a voice call out to me. 

“So, you are a welcher?  Your word is as worthless as the breath that spoke the words doth stink eh?” The voice said.  I turned myself to face my accuser and saw a man in a cart.  

“How dare you...” I said as I looked, then I realized my error and called to the man.  “Vizzini!  Why I... of course, our pact.  Well then, you know my purpose.  There are many towns and cities on my route. I’m heading north first.  There will be many wild dangers, the weather is cold and inhospitable and some say the Darkwald Forest itself is full of terrors.   Are you up for the challenge?”

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward.  If it is as dangerous as you say, they will pay a premium for my goods.” The traveling merchant replied.  And with that our contract was once again being fulfilled.  He would ride with me, supplying my needs, I would promote his wares as my personal preference.  

We set out north. Our first stop was the sleepy hamlet of Ricardo’s Corner.  It may not be Cadhla with me, but it could be a lot worse!

~Phillip Stephenson 

Posted on April 13, 2019 .