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From the Principalities

Falkenburg has recently come under the assault of vicious animal things.  Chroniclers and adventurers have flocked to the newly opened land beyond the wall to see what waits for them, however it appears that death is key among those things.   Creatures not unlike zombies of the Kaylinn Swamps have been sighted shambling about the land.  

Offenbach, a small city just north of the wall, has reported many of these undead cretin assaulting their towns.  They appear to be wearing Nurnberg soldier's training clothes, blue and red.  It is presumed by the Mayor of Offenbach that these creatures are the turned frost zombies of Nurnberg patrols.  Perhaps these undead attacked their barracks during a war game.  It is unknown at this time.

On a related topic, the assault on Haus Frankfurt has resulted in all of the nobles being killed by the plague.  Whatever has brought this heinous issue to the Kingdom is certainly not done yet.  Only time will tell.  

Posted on February 19, 2017 .

Lore Du Jour: The Dark Ones of Tor

The Valeerians tell tales of a strange presence in Tor that threatens the whole world.  This presence manifests itself in many ways, according to the Valeerian tales the darkness can be most often found in the form of strange beings they call the Dark Ones.  The following is an account of these Dark Ones from one Valeerian found rambling in horror near Alterron. 

        Within the souls of every man lies the seed of darkness, a festering evil waiting to emerge and bring about the chaos.  The Dark ones are exceptionally subtle in their machinations.  Infestation by a Dark One leads to the eventual takeover of the host body, although they creature is neither parasite nor worm, but something else.  They can lie in wait, dormant within the host, for ages waiting and plotting.  
        Many of the Dark Ones make use of their host by manipulating their habits and some are so devilish as to alter the thoughts and words of the infected in such a way that they control the mind in time.   Ultimately the Dark One will take complete control over the host, causing them to serve the Dark Ones will.  
        The more subtle creatures are arguably more dangerous.  They whisper subtle doubts and prey upon the insecurities of the infected.  The creature will start off slowly,  altering the vision of the infected, flickering images and minor hallucinations are levied upon the victim, starting off small and growing.  As the Dark One continues to attack, the victim becomes more and more paranoid.  They begin to disbelieve others, seeing even their own allies as monsters.  Soon they lose touch with reality itself as their mind decays into the depths of insanity.  
        The more audacious creature will slowly change the body of the host as well, turning them into a creature that is best described as monstrous.   Fang and claw may sprout from the body of the host – many find viler transformations are in their future.   When the true form of the Dark One is exposed, the host body will be nearly unrecognizable.  Even death will not remove the Dark One’s presence.  In this way the Dark Ones pose the greatest threat the world has ever known.  
        Unfortunately for the rest of the Kingdom, most people do not accept the existence of the Dark Ones.  The Barber Surgeons claim that there is no evidence of a creature within the so-called possessed, they instead believe that the Valeerians are paranoid.  The Valeerians know better.  Valeeria knows there are no allies in this war; the Dark Ones are everywhere.   The best advice is given to each member of the house – pay attention and remain vigilant.  
Posted on February 3, 2017 .

Ramon's Travels: The Principality of Tor

        Tor crosses the entirety of the Praelian continent, from the Western Sea to the Eastern Ocean.   From the Northern Ocean to the Sear Sea, Tor is a large and thin piece of the kingdom that is beautiful to behold yet terribly cold and uninviting.  Tor has never been a desirable place to live, yet there are many hearty souls who call Tor home.  Populated by the largest group of non-Praelians in the land, Tor stands alone with their acceptance of the Wildmen as residents.  Making no attempt to force citizenship upon the tribal folk, the Kingdom tolerates their existence since they are not occupying any truly valuable land.  Only the faction of House Valeeria maintain any consistent communication with the Wildmen, the rest of the kingdom does its best to ignore their presence all together. 

        Maarek never sought to include Tor, not until he finally had secured the talks with Fadlan, Krymm and Azara first.  While Tor joined the Kingdom almost two cycles before Fadlan, they were not offered a place until Maarek knew that Fadlan was committed.  Were it not for the desire to see the whole known world included, Maarek likely would have left Tor independent.   The principality has proven itself a useful addition, however, as the Valeerians now offer greater support of the Kingdom now that they are not isolated.

        Tor is known for having very long periods of day and night as the seasons change.  Some days can have no sun for weeks in the winter and no night for weeks over the summer.  This adds to the general malaise suffered by the people of the land.  Those who would visit rarely travel north of Alterron where the days and nights are more akin to the rest of the Kingdom.  

        The Valeerians act as if the whole land of Tor is a haunted evil place, how much of this is truth and how much is exaggeration is unknown.  Not very many chroniclers are willing to suffer the climate to find out.

Posted on January 16, 2017 .