On Garb: Town Guards

The Ordo Arbiter Most often serve as the town guard of a city.

The yellow sash is worn while on duty and in ceremonial function. When off duty, they will bear a yellow belt favor. These sashes and favors are embroidered with the badge of the guild prominently displayed


rank is displayed on the sash or favor by a series of simple stripes, The Reeve in its dishonor is not allowed to bear a favor or sash

No stripes are bestowed upon unranked members.

1 stripe: Constable

2 stripes: Sergeant

3 stripes: Inspector

4 stripes: Chief Inspector

5 stripes: Chief Magistrate

6 stripes: Chief Justice

the Chief Arbitrator is noted by his Chancellery favor

Otherwise, there is no guild-wide uniform, however individual cities and towns often have a uniform look for the guards. Usually these uniforms are lightly armored and bear the colors of the town.

Posted on May 12, 2019 .