Travel Ban to Tor

Citizens are hereby warned not to travel north of Nearneth Point in the West as Tor effectively has closed its borders to the Kingdom’s Southern Provinces.  Citing the proclamation of His Grace Duke Kalivantes, Duke Dagorian declared:

“Neither the Capitol, nor the four other Principalities, have offered any aid to Tor in the reclamation of the Falkenburg Peninsula.  Now we are under assault by raiders on the sea as well, but we expect no aid from the Southern lands.  We are as we have so often been, on our own.  And so until this war is settled, our Vanguard will stand guard on our borders. None shall enter Tor, none shall leave. We mean no aggression to our brothers in the South, and hope to see an end to our internal issues quickly. Then, we shall restore trade and travel privileges with Tor.”

The Toran Vanguard patrol the border cities. The Assassins Gambit has been hired to repel and restrain, keeping those on either side of line in their place.  

Posted on May 23, 2019 .