A Trial of Mettle: Part 3

A Trial of Mettle: March 2nd year 36 ACI

Traveling with a merchant can be difficult in ways, but rewarding in others.  The journey through the Darkwald resulted in many great adventures.  

I freed a team of loggers from the threat of some wild boars in a town called Henry’s Crossing.  The Merchant collected pelts. 

I overthrew a mining company master in Concordia who was abusing his workers. While my work impressed the lord and promoted a fair foreman to lead, the merchant Visini negotiated a deal for ore trade. 

When we made it to Pepper’s Grotto, my job became teacher.  The mayor was facing attacks from homeless men in the woods that had turned to cannibalism. His guard didn’t have much training, but luckily the enemy was weak.  A couple of weeks’ training and the guard were at least competent with a pole arm. Oh, and Visini gathered reward in several quilts from the women of the grotto. 

In Fallsburn, the Castellan asked I travel up to the Pinewoods of Tor to deliver a message to West Hampton. We took leave  of the city with a team of Vikings headed to port in Norrorfolkshire.   Kragan forced us to compete in the battle pit before we could board his ships to cross the Sear Sea. By God’s hand I defeated the foes and we ventured onward to the Tundra of Tor. 

~Phillip Stephenson

Posted on May 6, 2019 .