Proving Grounds: Specialty Shots

Cannons often use specialized shots to maximize damage to enemies or other ships.  While not limited to cannons,  these shots are most commonly foundwith cannon or mortars.   These shots, like all ballistics, require the appropriate technique to use effectively.  Some engineers have been said to have even scaled these down to use in handguns, but no evidence of this has ever been found.


Chain shot:  Two large half cannon balls are are chained together and fired at ships or enemies.  

3d6 STR, + AGILITYroll to STR, double damage to sails, masts and similar.

Grapeshot:  A form of canister shot designed to assault at short range with a cone of widespread metal balls.  

6d6 STR - 1 STR for every two feet away from the cannon.

Bar Shot: Two canon balls joined by a solid bar.  

3d6 STR, + AGILITYroll to STR, double damage to wooden hulls and similar.

Explosive Shot: A canister shot designed to explode and deal great amounts of damage over a template area. 

1 to 6d6 STR, damaging over a 1 to 6 inch template.  The damage is determined by the size of the canister, each 1d6 of STR = 1” diameter template.

Posted on March 7, 2017 .