Bardic Chestnuts: Victor Van Tuyl

Victor Van Tuyl has often been seen as the more soft spoken Van Tuyl.  Some view him as the brains of the operation.  Others think him to be the brawn behind Aert’s maniacal plans.  Victor however sees himself as a loyal cousin to Aert and friend of Coronado.  Less concerned with the politics of the land, Victor spends his time working on the ship as Quartermaster.  The origin of Victor is even more shrouded than that of Aert.  The Chronicler’s have very little record of his past.  Something Victor seems to have no problem with.

Victor seems to have formal training as a privateer.  His knowledge of sailing is matched only by the most prolific seamen.  His silence on the matter indicates a dark past of which he is not proud.  Of course that may be part of the plan of a complicated mind.   Victor’s skills as a seaman include use of all armaments aboard the ship and hand to hand combat.  He is a very skilled combatant, surpassing most of the Vandals.  However, Victor is not quick to fight - preferring to outthink his enemies.  

As the leader of the Triad Marines under Coronado for some time, Victor was responsible for training the rank and file troops in the ways of the halberd line.  To this day he will hop across the lines to bring his troops an encouraging leader when needed.  Victor, once provoked, is a merciless opponent.  It is best not to get on the wrong side of this dutch warrior.    

It is his dark side that is to be feared, he suffered a disease while on the Mangled Hand back before he Arrived that no one can explain.  At night he will sometimes kill his own crewman, and drain their blood. 

When he came to Alluvium, Aert’s continued trips to the Shade Realm certainly brought out something darker in Victor.   When the Shade Realm is near, he will often call himself ‘Vince the Thrasher’, and some of his crewmen have said that it is then that the ‘demon’ within Victor unleashed.  The stories tell of hell freezing down upon the waters as “Vince” tears through ally and enemy alike to get his way.  When this occurs only the foolish will stand in his way.  

Posted on March 8, 2017 .