Ramon's Travels: Azathoth

 Deep in the mountains of Malone, far from the the civilization of western Tor, one may find the city of Azathoth. Here the people of the mountain city struggle daily to live in the harsh environment, plagued by bears, wolves and nature itself.         

The city is built on ruins of a once magnificent site.   The ruined areas often blend into new construction where the people make their homes.  It is not uncommon to see a house with a wall that appears to be a temple yet the rest of the building is less grand.           

Amid the ruins is the legendary Sanctum of Azathoth, a place that is protected from outsiders by all of the city.  What exactly is within the Sanctum is unknown, but there are many who believe that the rumored “Dark Ones of the North” that the Valeerians speak about may live within the Sanctum and may even control the people of Azathoth. 

Posted on March 6, 2017 .