From the Principalities: Duke Drachen's Horde

The "Horde" of Duke Drachen is moving further north.  Having secured fealty from Breitenburg and all points south, up through Darkwald to the Death Mountains and most recently defeating Kragan of Norfolkshire in trial by combat, Drachen is seemingly able to defeat any comers who stand in his way.  

For now he remains silent as to his intentions, stating merely that he is bringing a new way of life to Analova.  Many believe this means he intends to take over the whole of Analova under his power as prince.  

Certainly he has a legal right to this course, however what is concerning to more than a few is his barbaric methodology.  He comes with his Horde to a town, threatens to sack them if they do not join him.  Far from the civilized method of tournament and war that the Kingdom has enjoyed for the past thirty-three cycles.   This return to barbarism may incite other power plays that could lead to greater violence in the Kingdom.

Posted on February 26, 2017 .