Ramon's Travels: Preplanis

Far south east, beyond the Hungry Sea, lies the land of Preplanis.  Reportedly a jungle, this land has never been mapped or explored.  The dense jungle scape has only been seen from afar by the ships that have ventured near.  

The size of Preplanis is unknown.  Sailors who have reported on it are inconsistent, however it is clear that the island is very large.  Long ago, during the Legendary Era, some expeditions were sent to investigate Preplanis.  Only one of the Chroniclers ever returned but she was not the same.  Unable to speak, the chronicler was only capable of writing in a strange cuneiform.  It took some time, but the writings were translated, revealing more questions than answers.  Only three tablets were written before the chroniclerlapsed into a deep coma and has yet to awaken.

The Cuneiform tablets told ofa great temple city, a large dense jungle with terrible creatures including white gorillas and pygmy tribes that would attack on sight, flows of molten rock that would erupt from the ground enveloping the expedition and finally dragons flying about.  This has never been verified.

Posted on February 27, 2017 .