On the Table: Dice Landings

Well met!  Today we are discussing the etiquette of dice rolling.  Certainly there is room for diversity in rolls, however we must have some sense of order about this.  The debate is not settled yet on such topics as:


  1. When do you do it?  
  2. Not perfectly on its side?
  3. Do you re-roll all of the hand or just the offending die?  
  4. On or off table matter?

Dice Accessories:

  1. Are towers acceptable or not?
  2. Digital apps reliable?
  3. Handful at a time or one die at a time?
  4. Slamming from a cup or bag?
  5. Trays or other landing surfaces?  

Size and makeup:

  1. Only Meleeworld brand dice?
  2. Any brand but all the same size?
  3. Any size?
  4. Any shape?

What do you think?



Posted on February 25, 2017 .