From the Arbitrator's Atlas

Randomized Attacks

            Sometimes an attack cannot be called, particularly with ballistic attacks, and sometimes the attacker is simply randomly swinging for an attack.  Sometimes a character is attacking into a line or confused battle and might not have a clear target.  These attacks are subject to the random attack chart. 

            Random ranged attacks are rolled as normal, by using the ballistic offense Style.  If the technique used does not denote the specific target, the randomized chart will apply. Roll 1d6 and consult the chart.  Sometimes a ranged target is concealed behind some cover, or the target is at a strange angle that only exposes certain parts of the body.  In this case, shots that hit the zones protected on the concealed target will simply miss or begin to destroy the concealing protection.


Ranged Random Chart:
1-        Miss (even with a successful attack)
2-        Right Leg
3-        Left Leg
4-        Left Arm
5-        Right Arm
6-        Torso


Random shots for more up close combat will use the following chart.  This chart is designed for wild shots or for when the attacker is blinded or otherwise unable to pick a target to strike. Roll 1d6 to determine the target.


Randomization Chart
1.         Head (Oh no!)
2.         Left Arm
3.         Right Arm
4.         Left Leg
5.         Right Leg
6.         Torso


In the event that multiple people are involved in a combat, the following chart will help determine of the proper target is hit or if friendly fire will claim another victim.  Roll 1d6 and consult the chart then roll the appropriate chart for random hits to close or ranged combat.  This is an especially erratic chart to represent the chaos of the combat.


Friendly Fire Chart:
1.         Hit Friendly
2.         Hit Foe
3.         Hit Neither!
4.         Hit Both!
5.         Hit Friendly
6.    Hit Foe

Posted on May 9, 2015 .