Reloading in the Eternal Adventure

Reloading Weapons

            Bows, crossbows and firearms are difficult weapons to use in combat, as they generally have a reload time associated with them.  It takes time to fire and aim efficiently.   Aptitudes such as archery and firearms can help lower this time because the familiarity with the weapon will speed up the reloading.   For each level of an appropriate Aptitude, the reloading time is decreased by 10 seconds.  On the roll of a six on any d6, the weapon will automatically reload.  The following is the chart for basic weapons.  Some weapons may have different times associated with them.



            Bows – 30 seconds

            Crossbows – 50 seconds

            Handgun – 50 seconds

            Rifle – 60 seconds

            Canon – 120 seconds

            Ballista – 300 seconds

            Trebuchet – 300 seconds

Posted on May 15, 2015 .