The Book of Scenarios Returns!

The Year of the Scenario continues with the release of the Book of Scenarios 2nd Edition.

In 2005 the first edition Book of Scenarios was released alongside the teaser trailer for the first Melee movie The Evil of Dr. Schwergwerfer.   That book introduced the Meleeworld to the Shade Realm denizens, for the first time gathered into one printed tome.  Six races and ten orders of wizard emerged from the darkness along with rules for well over 50 magic spells.  The adventuring parties were established and the traditions of the dead were first told.  

Today we mark the ten-year anniversary of the Book of Scenarios with the launch of the second edition of the book.  Revised and updated rules bring the Shade Realm back with a vengeance.   The gates have been closed too long - Alluvium is under siege!

Old friends and enemies return along with new races and now factions are available.  

The Book of Scenarios features:

  • 10 playable races
  • 10 affiliation factions
  • 10 wizard orders
  • 100+ spells and special abilities
  • much more

Check out the Book of Scenarios - 2nd Edition today!

Posted on May 22, 2015 .