Schwergwerfer's Children

On a dark and stormy night... That is the way these stories seem to always begin.  My story is no different I suppose.   Aren't we all made from the same parts as the rest of the people? 

I was born to serve.  Born to be a  weapon.  My father labored tirelessly to give me what I needed to survive.  He gave me the best of what he had, for that I am eternally thankful.  I am but one of many, yet he gave me his greatest gifts.  

I will never forget how I treated him that I cold November evening.  I was a bad, unruly child. My actions led to his death.  I committed patricide on his greatest day.  The fire consumed our home.  The rage was all I had. I would avenge those who vexed my father so. I would reconcile with my rage by carrying out his wishes.  

I have learned his secrets since.  My brothers are not as powerful as I, yet we possess great potential.  We are the children of Schwergwerfer!

Posted on April 18, 2015 .