Darkness has Risen from the Grave

Darkness falls across the land. The Midnight Hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood...

Nobles and Adventurers from Kroninburg, Ancrya, Sanctus Azathoth, Aftermath and Praelia will be facing this new challenge. 

The Noble Houses are a fickle lot.  House Talbot, Van Rhoe and Nurnburg have formed a circle ostensibly devoted to charitable work but in reality they indulge themselves in debauchery. Recently they have been intrigued by a young man who bursted into their darkened halls with a challenge. The gentlemen have been  informed that he is Johann Hammer, who had recently learned of the strangest of substances available in a nearby town... the blood of a vampire!  Now they seek to gain this rare and dangerous vial from a mystic who requires some hefty payment of his own.  Now these three houses will seek out strong adventurers to help them gain the vial at any cost.  

Many great and powerful nobles will come together with adventurers from all over the region in search of fame, money and treasure!  But be careful because Darkness has Risen from the Grave!

Is it a threat that will destroy the known world? What will happen?


Tickets for the Melee Scenario will come with several bonus perks this year!

Proceeds from the Ticket Sales will benefit a local charity group.

All ticket sales come with a free basic Meleeworld membership.

Tickets purchased before September 1, 31 ACI will receive a discounted rate only available at Meleeworld.org.

All early registered participants will receive a limited edition Leather Melee Key Fob. 

September 13, 31 ACI (2014)

Scenario Ticket Progress
Updated Daily
Stew and Rolls
15 out of 15
15 of 15

Salad Course/Turkey Legs
30 out of 30
30 of 30

Castle Melee!
31 out of 50
31 of 50

Cakes and (Root) Ale
31 out of 75
31 of 75

Join us at Hunter Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a Melee scenario event!  Five leaders will meet to celebrate the prosperity of their lands, all the while adventurers partake in a series of quests to help the Houses acquire a special prize.

Among the events planned are:

  • A scenario for adventuring parties to seek combat and quest for glory and profit
  • Merchants selling their wares
  • Face painters and Henna Artists
  • A feast of good foods
  • A charity tournament

Of course more to be announced.

Helping the Community

You can help support one of our charities in the Adventure and with T-Shirt Purchases.   At the scenario the winning group will get to choose the local charity organization to which the proceeds from ticket sales, individual donations and t-shirt sales will be donated.  

  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Tulsa Historical Society
  • TSHA (Total Source for Hearing Loss and Access)
  • Disabled Veterans of Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council

Charity T-Shirt Designs