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Lore Du Jour: The Light Order of the Shade Realm

In the Shade Realm wizards blatantly access mystical energies and commit acts of heresy without shame.  While these actions are both prohibited and generally impossible in Alluvium, in the Shade Realm things are quite different.

Wizards of the Light Order are the most numerous wizards.  The Order was founded by the Society of St. Paul in an attempt to combat the minions of Satan within the Shade Realm.  To most, members of this Order are referred to as Light Wizards.  In the Shade Realm, this Order is at constant war with beings that promote the evils of the land.  Light Wizards are well trusted by most people, as that they are bound by oath to protect the good and destroy evil wherever it lives.

The Inquisition finds this order to be a failed experiment.  Light Wizards are considered Heretics, but cannot act overtly against them as that they have the protection of the Church.  It is not uncommon however, for Light Wizards to be killed “accidentally” while an Inquisitor is purging an evil from the world.

When relating to other Orders, the Light Wizards feel superior.  Calling the other Orders “Blind Ones”, the Light Wizards feel that they alone are able to use magic without being corrupted by the devil.  They are placed on their path by the Almighty God, and it is their Holy Light that will cure the world.  Any other Wizard that possesses Necromancy is not to be dealt with, save for a quick death.  Other Wizards are generally respected, though the Light Wizard will often attempt to convert the ‘Blind One’ to see the ‘Light of God’.

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Bardic Chestnuts: Cedric of Abbotsbury

Brother Cedric of Abbotsbury

The life of Brother Cedric has proven to be a test of faith.  When Cedric was a young man he learned a great many lessons at the hands of his older brothers.  Most of these lessons involved bruises and even a broken bone or two on occasion.  It was his faith in the almighty that kept Cedric from lashing out in anger at his abusive family.  Instead Cedric focused his energy to the study of the Lord and began his work in the church.  
As a scribe, Cedric spent several years illuminating the Holy Bible.  Many times over, he wrote the words of the Father until he was so familiar with them that he could recite verses with both accuracy and fervor.   In time Cedric's manuscripts would be sought after by monasteries all across the Christian world.  Cedric had found the path that the Lord had wished him to walk. 
Unfortunately, tragedy would once again come into Cedric's life.  War was endemic all across the land, Northumbria soon was overtaken by Egbert as the new overlord. This pillaging was devastating, as brutal as Mercia before, and Cedric's abbey was not immune to the slaughter.  Raucous mercenary attackers took advantage of the chaos and looted the church.  Cedric and his fellow monks tried to resist, and in the confusion several candles fell over starting a great fire.  As the abbey blazed, Cedric watched his manuscripts and the beloved church burn all around him.  He prayed to the Lord, and succumbed in penitent grief. 
He awoke in the halls of a dark castle.  Crawling through the cavernous dungeon, Cedric made his way to the light of day. There he saw the sign of Christ carved into a tree.  Looking around the barren landscape, Cedric was certain that he had been saved from the conflagration by the almighty and put on a new path.  The ruined dark caverns behind him were home to savage men that Cedric did not recognize.  They began to emerge from the tunnels and approach him, but Cedric was not afraid. These mongrels took Cedric into their town nearby, where they forced him to carry lumber back and forth.  But Cedric did not complain, for he knew his time would come. 
Soon, Cedric was proven right. One day when he was out gathering mushrooms for his captors, Cedric was led to a grove with many fungi growing in the hollows of the rotten trees.  Cedric stepped just out of the way when a tree fell upon his captor and killed him outright.  Cedric was scared at first, but fear turned into gratitude as he saw what appeared to be the Christ mark scratched into the felled tree and an arrow pointing south.   Cedric took the cue and fled to the south, where he walked for forty days and nights with only the mushrooms and the spring water to sustain him.  
Still, Cedric grew strong and on the fortieth day he came across a large monastery. There Cedric learned of the world and he instantly knew that he had been granted another chance to make it right.  And with that Cedric joined the Society of St Paul and began working on his first of many magnificent illuminated manuscripts.  Eventually Brother Cedric would rise in prominence and help spread the gospel all across Alluvium. 

Posted on January 25, 2017 .

Lore du Jour: The Congregation of Altarius

The Congregation of Altarius

History shows the first to the land to be a man known as Altarius.  Stories vary as to what he did and how he lived, but he is widely regarded as a the founder of the civilization and the first king of Praelia.  Today we will discuss the Congregation of Altatius, also known as the Analtarians

It is said that his closest advisors were known as the Nolans.  Their fate is lost to time as much as Altarius is.  Aside from a historical figure and the basis for many laws, the majority of the kingdom does not think of Altarius until it is a celebration.  He is not unwelcome by the church, they even accept his name on so many events and the Gatherings. The church does, however, seek to curb the level of attention Altarius gets.  As they are fond of reminding people, he was a man not God. 

There is another group that does not feel the same way. The Congregation of Altarius follows the simple teachings that have been passed down for generations.  The Analtarians practice what they view as the true path that Altarius established all those cycles ago.  They eschew faith in other gods and dictums as clearly false due to the nature of Alluvium.   It is only through adherence to the laws and traditions laid out by the first to the land that one may be accepted when Altarius returns.

The Analtarian day begins with combat training.  Women and children tend to the fields and livestock for the first four hours of the day, whilst all men over the age of 13 run drills and mock combat in melee's with the four classical weapon styles.  Then at breakfast it is the men's turn to tend to the fields whilst the women and children practice basic polearm fighting.  At noon, the family gathers together for lunch and sparring practice.  Then the rest of the day is devoted to the family and any work undone.   To the Analtarian, combat is just as important as putting food upon the table.  

Analtarians never make any use of technology.  No firearms, no bows and no machines to help with the work.  All work must be done with hand tools as they may also be used as weapons if needed.  To the Analtarian, combat is always imminent.  Altarius proclaimed that all would be combat ready to please the Arbitrators, so shall it be to the Analtarians.

Analtarian settlements are scattered throughout the kingdom.  Although they are officially considered heretical by the Church, there is no active effort to do anything to get rid of them.  The Church calls them the Cult of Altarius and will often speak ill of the group, but any action against the Analtarians is isolated at best.  This is likely due to the behavior of the Analtarian and their belief system. 

Posted on January 13, 2017 .