Lore Du Jour: The Light Order of the Shade Realm

In the Shade Realm wizards blatantly access mystical energies and commit acts of heresy without shame.  While these actions are both prohibited and generally impossible in Alluvium, in the Shade Realm things are quite different.

Wizards of the Light Order are the most numerous wizards.  The Order was founded by the Society of St. Paul in an attempt to combat the minions of Satan within the Shade Realm.  To most, members of this Order are referred to as Light Wizards.  In the Shade Realm, this Order is at constant war with beings that promote the evils of the land.  Light Wizards are well trusted by most people, as that they are bound by oath to protect the good and destroy evil wherever it lives.

The Inquisition finds this order to be a failed experiment.  Light Wizards are considered Heretics, but cannot act overtly against them as that they have the protection of the Church.  It is not uncommon however, for Light Wizards to be killed “accidentally” while an Inquisitor is purging an evil from the world.

When relating to other Orders, the Light Wizards feel superior.  Calling the other Orders “Blind Ones”, the Light Wizards feel that they alone are able to use magic without being corrupted by the devil.  They are placed on their path by the Almighty God, and it is their Holy Light that will cure the world.  Any other Wizard that possesses Necromancy is not to be dealt with, save for a quick death.  Other Wizards are generally respected, though the Light Wizard will often attempt to convert the ‘Blind One’ to see the ‘Light of God’.

Posted on February 10, 2017 .