The Trading Post: Vendetta

Melee Vendetta: Lords of the Land Expansion pack


An expansion to Lords of the Land, Vendetta brings two powerful factions to the game.  Players now can collect expansion decks to add and trade with the core game encounters or they may opt to build a side deck from this expansion that features over 100 new encounters and 12 new personas to choose from.   

A blood feud dating back longer than most can remember now plays out across the fields.  Clan Chattan and Nurnberg have been enemies for literal ages.  From Falkenburg to Fallsburn, the war has run hot and cold but never ended.  Now the flames rise again as these two eternal enemies clash for control and order.  New Lords are coming to rule the Land!

Each pack contains 12 random encounter cards and 2 persona cards.    

Encounter Card Ratio  

6 Common - 4 Uncommon - 2 Rare cards per pack

Posted on February 9, 2017 .