Stalemate at Maarek's Landing

Reports all across the land tell of the brave and valiant men at Maarek's Landing that faced off against the Justice army on two fronts. Fighting across the great bridge, Justice forces slowly made their way into the city, breaking through to the city.

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The Unbound, Duke Valguard's new faction held them off for hours, until they were attacked from behind in the city as a force of Justice sappers emerged from a tunnel dug from beyond the walls. luckily this second force was much smaller, but the danger was sufficient to allow Justice to gain a couple of crucial advantages.

Many went to Valhalla this day, said the Duke after the battle was over. Though Justice was routed, they succeeded in destroying a huge portion of the Great Bridge, effectively cutting Maarek's Landing and the Hinterlands off from the rest of the Kingdom.

Ships sailed south, but were stopped dead in the water as a small fleet of Justice ships was sunk in the relatively shallow waters, creating a bottle neck leading to the MacKreg strait., making ship travel impossible. For the moment, it would seem that the Unbound were victorious in the defense of their city, but have been taken out of the war until that bridge is repaired of those ships are moved.

Posted on September 7, 2017 .