Peace Restored to Capital - Kingdom Long to Recover

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The Order of the White Talbot leads knights on 4 month siege of the Capital, finally retaking the city from the remnants of Draco Drachen's occupying army.  Though it took cutting off Nicholshire from all supplies and the death of nearly 6,000 occupying barbarians and Justice soldiers, the coalition formed by Grand Master Sir Steven Dunbar drove the remnant army from the city with great strength and prowess.   Sir Dunbar led an army consisting of his knights, supplemented by 2,000 Talbot men at arms and 1,500 archers.   

In addition to the Knights of the Talbot, the retaking force was helped by the allies from the Unbound, the new faction from Maarek's Landing, recently founded as a counter force not restricted by the non-aggression treaty signed by the other 9 greater factions at the Conclave of Tempest Point.  This treaty, although broken by the Granite Spire, prohibited the factions from assisting in any way with the war.  Although many joined the Unbound as a result, several others simply fought without any badges or flags of faction affiliation.  

In Breitenburg, a peasant's revolt drove Duke Aiken from his position.  Aiken was killed and ousted by newly named Duke Desmond Wade.  During the assault, Wade challenged Aiken and his general OX.  The peasants fought the Duke's Guard until OX himself turned a pistol onto Aiken and shot him dead. Desmond Wade claimed the crown as the body of Aiken was turned over to OX.  OX, was seen skinning the body of Aiken shortly before fleeing the city, where he has not been seen since.

Rumors persist that the body of Aiken was not in fact Aiken, but that his wounded body was shuffled off by local Doctor Michael Seraph.  The scuttlebutt says that Seraph took the body to revitalize Aiken and by using strange medical practices make him stronger than ever before.

Tanaka the Dragon Slayer has remained under the care of the Barber Surgeons at Nocturne. Castellan Maarek Elets declared that once he is restored to health, a great festival will be held in the capital for he and the rest of the heroes of the Drachen war.

Among those to be celebrated for great service:

  • Tanaka Yuki, Dragon Slayer of Praelia  -  The Honorific Chain
  • Lord Raziel Mendoza - The Golden Eagle
  • Sir Steven Dunbar - The Azure Fasces 
  • Lord Sigmund Mendoza - The Promethean Torch
  • "General" Ironsides  -  The Sable Anchor
  • Honda - The Sable Anchor
  • Barber Louis Mariamborg - The Golden Eagle



Posted on September 27, 2017 .