Ramon's Travels: Aldair

In the Nam Hai desert sits the ruined layout of a once huge city.  Aldair is at least the size of Nicholshire, however most of the city is ruined and even buried under the sands of the desert.  It is not known the size that this city once was,  but chroniclers are finding more each year.

The inhabited portion of the city is primarily composed of Azarans who fled from failed policies during the settlement era.  Temple to ancient Egyptian gods are active within the walls of Aldair, Castellan Ka knows that while the Kingdom and Society of St Paul may object, they are too far from the rest of the Kingdom for any objections.  As such Aldair is a haven for those who eschew that faith.

While Aldair is politically aligned with Krymm, geographically it is located on the coast of the Balboan Ocean in the territory of Azaran Nam Hai.  The same treaty that divided Nam Hai also gave Krymm possession of the city.

Posted on March 20, 2017 .