Around the Principalities: Whispers of the Woods

There is a reason we call the Drakwald home.  It allows us freedom to be ourselves.  We as a family can escape through the dark boughs into anonymity.

The woods are respected and they shall be protected.  We call Drakwald home, but it is not our only home.  The woods are full of our people.  We are outcasts but everyone knows us.  Many claim their houses and castles as domain.  Ours is the land itself.  For we are the blessed people and in the Drakwald we have freedom.  The Gadjo fear the woods, for the darkness and the creatures of the wild are everywhere, but what they really fear are we.  We are the unknown that looks like them.  We are at home in the woods, easily navigating the brambles and finding our way to secret glens that no map of the city folk would show.  We are familiar with the paths that shelter and those that imperil.  


Posted on March 19, 2017 .