Ramon's Travels: Peacepoint Lighthouse

Rising off of a little island in Hancock Bay, the Peacepoint Lighthouse works to keep travelers safe by sea in the Bay and along the waterways toward Farhampton.  While not the first lighthouse in Tor, this is the first one to serve in Hancock Bay and points west.  The lighthouse was built by the order of Edward Dragomir for the Granite Spire.

The Granite Spire operates this lighthouse and maintains a small garrison and camp of troops at its base.  The lighthouse is positioned to serve the bay but also to give the Granite Spire an outpost in Tor, where they had not previously held one.   

Rumors, often spoken by those who find the light to be a nuisance and a “threat to scare off the fish” claim that the lighthouse houses a great number of powerful weapons of war.  They claim that the Granite Spire is positioned to lay assault on Tor or perhaps Falkenburg.  Most disregard these rumors, although when asked about it Lord Kelly replies, “we are always prepared.”

Posted on March 13, 2017 .