Around the Principalities: Exorcism?

Seemingly out of nowhere, the city of Nicholshire is chattering about the call for exorcism in the Kaylinn Swamps.  Known for being a cursed land, this call for the Society of St. Paul to send an exorcist to purge the demons from the land in unheard of.  Rarely will the church involve itself in such a tainted land, let alone send valuable parishioners to said land.  

Rumors abound that a member of the church itself has been possessed by a devil.   Paladin Phillip Stephenson leads this expedition to oversee the construction of a church at the site of Castle Nocturne built in the area by Lord Mendoza of The Noble House of Sutton.  Lord Mendoza hired somewhere near 3,000 workers from neighboring Azara to build this new settlement.  Many question the logic of building a castle in such a cursed land, but the price was good for the poor ranchers of the region.

No word from Lord Mendoza about the rumors of a demonic presence on the site of his new Castle. 

Posted on March 12, 2017 .