Bardic Chestnuts: Elsa Von Nurnberg

Elsa Von Nurnberg is a tyrannical member of the Von Nurnberg Order.  Her position as commander is rare among the Faction, as they almost exclusively promote men to these positions.  Elsa certainly gained her position by being a ruthless and vicious soldier.  She certainly will not let emotions or sentiment get in the way of efficiency and orders.  Her motto, "follow your orders" is often the only warning anyone gets before she takes action on her troops or targets. 

Growing up, it is believed that Elsa was mocked for being so tall and physical.  Whatever sort of harassment or mockery that she endured as a youth shaped her into a most intolerant being in adulthood.   Unconfirmed reports state that Elsa is in fact the illegitimate daughter of the Haus Vatter and a Clan Chattan lass, but this is purely speculative.  It is clear however, that being born and raised in Alluvium has made Elsa the perfect member of the Von Nurnberg Faction.  

Some even persist that she is part of some breeding experiment to create the perfect warriors.  This could be supported by the way that she embodies the mentality of the Haus to such a great level.  It is not simply a faction, to Elsa the Haus is her family.  If this is a true story.  

Elsa is tall and strong. She sees weakness as the most unacceptable state of being.  She Arrived during the height of the Legendary Era and joined the ranks of the Panzers of Nurnberg with great happiness. Her efficient allowed her to rise in the ranks, often taking the place of a superior that she personally executed for being incompetent.  Those under her command live in fear of stepping out of line.  Failure to follow simple orders can result in a quick death at the hands of Elsa herself.  Failure to succeed in a mission can result in the unfortunate faction member being choked or even beheaded publicly by Elsa. 

Vile actions within a faction alone Would not be enough to become a member of the Iscaiotes. It is her actions in war that place her on the list. Beheading and burning alive are common ways she deals with those who get in her way.  Having no problem violating the laws of Altarius, she has put many heads on stakes to get her point across. Failure is not an option to those who serve under her, those who she interrogates had better give answers fast or they will lose their eyes and be tortured beyond measure.  Elsa simply will not tolerate any inefficiency. 

It is worthy of note that Elsa is not somebody that can simply be captured and taken like others of the Iscariotes.  Elsa has the support of the Von Nurnberg faction.  Taking her will be not only an opportunity to deal with an impressive fighter, but also an invitation to face the entire faction and likely a declaration of war.   She must be captured either alone or in some fashion wherein her faction will turn their back on her.  This is the challenge of all who will seek to take her down.

Posted on February 15, 2017 .