Lore Du Jour: An Alluvium Creation Mythology

Many viewpoints about the land of Alluvium exist.  While many attribute this land's properties of death and Return to one god or another, others tend to believe the land is instead cursed by some evil from within humanity.  The church maintains that the land is part of the Lord's plan, and only by devotion to the church will ascension to the next world be attained.    

This is a version told by the Cult of Altarius, an explanation for world of Alluvium from their perspective.  

    In the beginning, there was the darkness.  The darkness formed a void of which no man nor did beast live.  The void gave birth once to the Six children.  These became the Greater Elemental Gods.  The Greater Elementals were at one with the Void, creating the perfection of the Great Sepentary.  The universe manifested itself in sevenfold directions, each governed by an Elemental, and becoming the sacred Unity of Nature, the Universe, and Gods.  The Void commanded that no harm should ever be given to his children by his hand, so long as they did no harm to each other.
    The day came when each of the Elements grew anxious.  With the void as the great father controlling the actions of the children, the unity worked well.  Life created Mana, Air adapted the Mana, and Fire changed the Mana.  Water controlled the course of Mana, while Earth forged stability, finally Death destroyed Mana.  The Void would cycle the Mana.   Fire was the most ambitious, starting to quarrel with Earth.  
    Fire wanted Earth to stop restricting his changes.   This disrupted the cycle, when Fire changed what Earth forged.  Soon the elements were at war.   Fire was attacking all of his brothers and sisters, with no regard for the cycle.  Life stopped creation, and this disrupted the activity of Death.  Water and Air were angry as they were overlooked, and disrespected as weak.
    The war of the Void continued as the Void itself was thrown into Chaos.  For untold Eons, the Elementals did battle with each other.  All of the elements were in battle, though there could be no winner since they were all immortal.  Finally the void threatened to consume the entire Sepentary into itself, and become nothing.  The Elements were ready to create a truce.  Peace was to restore Order to the cycle.  
    Fire was not faithful, as upon the day of Peace he burnt the body of Water.  Water was believed destroyed, so the others knew they had to act.  Earth sacrificed himself first.  The Earth Element tackled and surrounded fire, and created firmament.  
    Fire was not easily stopped, and began to burst from the skin of Earth.  Air blanketed the firmament to stop fire from leaving back to the void.  So it came to pass that Fire was consumed within Earth, and suppressed over the new firmament of Earth by Air.  Fire stretched and pushed on Earth to escape, and thus mountains and hills were created, but the two Elements were able to restrain Fire.  The Void was pleased that he who violated the peace was restrained, but the Void had sympathy.
    The day came to pass that the void spoke once again to his children.  The void was saddened that Fire had been so reckless.  The Void commanded Life to create again, and allowed Fire to act through small breaches in the firmament.   Fire was good.  And so it came to pass that Life Created again, and Fire changed, Air adapted and Earth gave stability to Mana once again.  Death destroyed that which was to destroy, but held resentment against Life, and violated the peace.
    Death attacked Life loosing his right arm in the fight after being struck by the Void.  The Void now had hurt his child.  Void was overcome with grief at breaking his commandment, and cut off his right arm to give to Death.  Death now was able to work again, and the peace was restored. 
    It came to pass that Fire once again became anxious.  Fire began to burst from the firmament as before.  Earth had become angry at Life, and created great Quakes.  Death was slow, as his right arm was unable to destroy.  The day was dark when all neared war again.  With Fire and Earth in fighting against air, the Firmament was nearly destroyed, and all of creation shattered.  Water returned from the Void, as Rain.  Rain became Flood, and Flood became Sea.  Water had returned to help control creation.  The weight of Water on Earth and Fire quenched the war.  
    And so it was that the Land of Earth was separated by Seas of Water, and the Fire was controlled by wind of Air.  Life created much, and Death destroyed.  So the Peace of Ages began.  The creations of Life began to learn from the Elements.  Civilizations began.  
    The day came to pass when Men had been created.  Men were good, and the world was theirs.  As their tribes were created, they began to worship the Greater Elemental Gods.  The Elements now were so confined by their mutual work, that they could not act independently.  Their bodies were formed into the World, and they could only interact through the world by the way of their followers.  Weaker forms, Lesser Elementals, Avatars, and Elemental spirits, are now able to work for their masters.  
Posted on January 27, 2017 .