The Trading Post: January release - The Fightbook

January's release is from The Eternal Adventure line.  An essential part of any good warrior's pack, presenting the Fightbook volume 1, A Treatise On The Techniques Of Combat, By Master Thomas MacLeod-With Notes From Other Masters At Arms.

The Fightbook features tips and explainations of fighting theory as well as mechanics of personal combat as described by Thomas MacLeod, first two-time kingdom-wide master at arms.  On top of a wealth of descriptive content, MacLeod's notes go on to describe over 100 new techniques and counter-techniques to assure victory against an opponent. 

Additionally, ten new martial arts and techniques are introduced by Master Bear of the Bear Monastery of Darkswald Wood.  The Bear trains students in combative arts and has provided basic instruction these ten martial arts theory and practice.

Finally, ancient methods of the use of ranged combat are provided here for the first time. Originally chronicled from artifacts found in the Catacombs of Doolin's Keep, these letters are part of a book by Master Marksman Fabian Yaught.  Master Yaught was fabled to be one of the most prolific marksmen in the Kingdom before he disappeared during the Shade Realm Wars in the Mythic Age.

Posted on January 26, 2017 .