On the Field: The Knightly Accolade

The Knightly Accolade of Sir Thomas MacLeod, presented here, is part of the history of all legitimate knights of the Kingdom.  This ceremony has remained a tradition of every knight's accolade and does continue to this day.   Only the names of the participants and the dates change from knight to knight.  The core words are the same over time.


Captain of the Guard: The Crown now calls The County of Nicholshire to come before this Court and Company.
Duke: Thomas MacLeod, have you undertaken to accept the accolade of Knighthood that was offered to you?
Candidate: I have.
Captain of the Duke’s Guard: Castellan Baron Boltac Lowleaves, Chancellor Baron William Macgregor, Chancellor Lord Maarek Elets,  
as members of the Chancellery, do you now affirm that Thomas MacLeod has grown in virtue and Honor, the hallmarks of a true and faithful Knight?
Chancellor of Arbitration: Replies in their own fashion, or says:
May it please my Duke to know that having heard the counsel of my Peers, and from my own certain knowledge, I am able to affirm that Thomas MacLeod is a Honorable man whose achievements on the field of honor have been matched by his courtesy and concern for all of Your Excellency’s subjects.
Castellan: Replies in their own fashion, or says:
Your Excellency, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that Thomas MacLeod has demonstrated his abilities in the arts and encouraged their practice in Your Excellency’s County.
Chancellor of Registries: Replies in their own fashion, or says:
Your Majesties, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that Thomas MacLeod has given freely of his time in support of many worthy projects in Your Excellency’s County.  
Captain of the Dukes Guard:  Replies in their own fashion, or says:
Your Excellency, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that Thomas MacLeod is a dutiful and loyal subject to Your Majesties' Crown.
Duke: Gentle Peers, we thank you for your wise counsel. Bring forth our Sword..
 (The Candidate can either state their oaths in full, or answer as scripted below:)
Duke: Thomas MacLeod you have been deemed fit for this high estate by your peers, and have indicated your willingness to accept this honor from Our hands. Do you now swear by all that you hold sacred, true, and holy that you will honor and defend the Crown and Kingdom of Praelia?
Candidate: I will.
Duke: That you will conduct yourself in all matters as befits a Knight.  That you will enshrine in your heart the noble ideals, to the benefit of your own good name and the greater glory of the Kingdom?
Candidate: I will. Or some more elaborate response.
His Majesty takes the sword and holds it out in front of him above the candidate.
Duke: Then having sworn these solemn oaths, know now that I, Ramon Kalivantes, by right of arms, Duke of the County of Nicholshire, do dub you with Our sword, and by all that you hold sacred, true, and holy... Once for Honor... Twice for Duty... Thrice for Chivalry... Arise, Sir Thomas MacLeod
His Excellency hands The Sword back to the Castellan. The white belt is handed to the Duke.
Duke: Accept this white belt, symbolizing the purity of your honor, the sign of the Errantry Order, and of your knightly rank and station. Accept this belt, which shall symbolize your duty and your bond as a Knight in fealty to the Kingdom of Praelia. Never forget the burden of this Belt.
His Excellency ties the belt around the new knight's waist.
Knight: Speaks [his/her] own words or the following, with prompting from the herald:
This day do I render homage and fealty to my Sovereign Duke and Kingdom, by Right of Arms, and to the Noble Council of the County of Nicholshire who will, from this day forward, be my Liege and Peer. I will remain true in all ways, serving them faithfully - this do I swear, by my belt and by my honor and by the high ideals which I hold as a Knight in this Kingdom. So say I, Thomas MacLeod
Duke: We accept your homage and fealty and pledge to you that from this day forward that We will honor your order and defend your rights as a Knight, and that We will protect the trust that you have placed in Us, mighty with justice, tempered with mercy.
Duke: Reads the scroll or text below:
To all nobles and commoners to whom these present letters shall come.  Ramon Kalivantes, Duke of the County of Nicholshire, send greetings. Whereas Thomas MacLeod has shown outstanding excellence in his feats on the field of honor, rendering high and noble service to the Crown and Kingdom in war and in peace, We are minded to elevate him to the rank of Knight within the Kingdom of Praelia. We do hereby elevate and affirm those Arms previously granted by the Nobility,  by these shall hold for his sole and unique use throughout the Known World. To which We set Our hands this 26th day of February, In the Twenty-second Altarian Cycle.   Go now and Serve us well.

Posted on January 21, 2017 .