Lore Du Jour: Subdivisions or The new Confederation of Nemea?

This week we will look into the history of one of the most prolific factions in the Kingdom and one of their lesser known offshoots.  While it is no secret that many factions and baronies have offshoots and subdivisions, it is not always widely known by outsiders how they interact.  As such, even this article is subject to the interpretation of the author, for I am not part of the Barony of Nemea from which this group comes.  Still, I have spent enough time around them to feel confident that my assertions are as close to correct as any other will get.   

When the Barony was founded, back when it was simply a faction, there were no divisions.  Just the Warriors of Nemea stood together playing games and following some ideals of heroism as the self proclaimed heroes of the land.  They fought as one against the army of Milus when he invaded to take the crown from Moto Mushi.  It wasn't until after the Hidden Wars that the Nemeans began to divide.

Under the command of Steven Dunbar, the first divisions were more like regiments in an army.  The heavily armored Titans, the Mercurian scouts and the Olympian guard that seemed to be the mainstay of the faction.  These three divisions would soon add the Hell Hounds and the Motley Lot to their ranks, although it seemed there was little distinction between them.  

Once the Faction began to seek Barony status, the divisions seemed to be forgotten.  Bringing the faction together in solidarity as a Barony it was once again a sea of black with red lions.  The only division was the white tabards worn by some of the members, although the significance of this remains a mystery.

Once Baron Lowleaves stepped down from direct leadership, Ramon Kalivantes changed teh color scheme of to a uniform red coat.  When Lord Steven Dunbar returned after his betrayal of the Faction, Baron Lowleaves joined him as the new faction Nemea and both were seen wearing the original black tabard.  The Barony was livid, which led to a great deal of animosity between the two.  This culminated at the Autumnal Gathering of 20 ACI wherein Nemea Black and Nemea Red charged into each other.  Then, clearly as orchestrated by both sides, the Red and Black Nemeans hugged, shook hands and joined forces to attack their enemies and claim the pennant.   Red and Black seemed re-united until Steven Dunbar dropkicked Lowleaves and once again went on his way.  

The Red coat era gave way to the Mercurians forming into the Army of Tang and the Olympians and Hell Hounds became the Polar Lions.  There were distinctions drawn between them that would never be the same.  Soon the Nemeans absorbed the Griffon's Gambit and became the Confederation of Nemea.  Perhaps the most diverse grouping since the beginning.  But that would not last.      

The Confederation broke after a cycle, the Polar Lions divided from the Barony and became House Valeeria and the Griffon's made their own way.  This was also marked by the ascension of Maarek to the leadership role.  The remaining Nemeans would wear Red kirtles that established the era of the Red Army.  

Today the Red Army remains much the same as it has for six cycles, although now under the leadership of Derry Bohannon and other regional leaders.  Still there are subdivisions showing up again.  The Clockwork lions bearing black, bronze and red schemes, the Sealions with their Black and Red look, very classic.  There are even the Forsaken of Nemea, who appear to have been cast aside when the Polar Lions broke from the Barony.  I even saw a green clad Nemean branch in Fadlan, although I did not get close enough to get a name from them.  

I know it does not matter much to many of you, but if history repeats itself, we will see yet another confederation or split of the Nemean forces soon.   Can the sleeping lion remain on top when everything around it is awake?


Posted on January 20, 2017 .