The House of Talbot has arrived

It may have been the longest wait in Meleeworld history.  The House of Talbot sure took their time getting here but they have arrived in style.  

Guild Book: House of Talbot.

Eternal Adventure poses quite a conundrum to the wealthy and their families who are not concerned with the combat of the faction.  What do you do when you have done it all?  Explore the unknown.  The House of Talbot spend their days in salons and universities learning as much as they can, discussing the mysteries of the universe and hoping to experience something truly new again.

Inside this book you will find

New Aptitudes

Techniques, Benefits and Drawbacks

Secret society occult practices

Hedonists seeking absolute pleasure

The Universities of Praelia primer

Tales of Prominent Talbot

and more secrets that you can't tell.

Posted on September 21, 2016 .