From the Town Crier of Nicholshire

Now hear this!

By order of Chancellor Offa the Brute of Nicholshire, all citizens are to be aware that the Duke's Guard of Breitenburg is hereby summoned for questioning in the assassination of Lord Protector Maarek Elets and shall provide testimony to refute the charges brought against them by association with the criminal Owl.   

All citizens are to avoid if possible and report any sighting of any Breitenburg Duke's Guard members to the Arbiter immediately.  

In addition to being sent to Nicholshire to assassinate the Castellan, it is reported on record that the Dukes Guard of Breitenburg has been sent by Duke Drachen of Breitenburg to other counties with orders to assimilate or face destruction.  The recent total destruction of the city of Athens is reportedly part and parcel to a visit from this Duke's Guard.  The Bear's academy in Darkwald has suffered a similar visitation.

These guardsmen are considered very dangerous.  A reward of 300 Letcher per head, alive or dead, is offered for a verified bounty.  

~Gabriel Thorpe

Posted on October 17, 2016 .