Standings from the Fall Scenario in Tulsa, OK.

Greetings all!  

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This past weekend in Tulsa, OK. many warriors gathered together from many counties across Alluvium to join in Royal Games and feast at Farhampton.  Royal Leaders, Duke Ramon Kalivantes and Lord Tartarus held tournaments all morning long whilst the gathered people fought to bring home the gold.   Citizens from Ancyra, Nicholshire, Kroninburg, Falkenburg and the far off lands of the Aftermath and near Sanctus Azathoth did compete well. 

All the while, adventuring parties were sent on quests to uncover treasure in the Farhampton woods.   Shortly before the days events, a caravan containing boxes of jewels, gold and trinkets for the Royals was attacked by Wildmen and Shade Realm creatures.   Necromancers and Demons were joined by corrupted Minotaurs and Undead Norse Berserkers to threaten the games and feast.  A particularly haunting Ghost did terrorize the town.  The Adventurers defeated many of these monsters and drove them back from whence they came.  A traveller wizard even came out to help the Adventurers in their quest.  

Unfortunately, one of the adventurers was tempted by the darkness and rather than turning the blood and the ethereal well water over to the House of Talbot Guildsmen on site, he drank it.  The power overcame his body and he soon became the embodiment of the resurrected Mamuwalde the vampire!  The vampire laughed as his plan had come to fruition and he had a new body to use to terrorize the land.  Strangely enough, another partook of the blood and also took on aspects of Mamuwalde.  Could it be that Mamuwalde's spirit has spread between two individuals?  Are there two vampires now or one weakened being split between?  Time will tell as the vampires fled into the woods and toward Falkenburg.  The Kingdom has not seen the last of them. 

Adventuring parties of 5 men gathered together to retrieve the treasures.  Only one could be the winner - and that was the Holy Order lead by Vargol von Nurnberg!  The remaining results are posted here:

Viking Lawgiver.png

Team Jacob - 0 Treasure Value

Night Furies - 6 Treasure Value

Team 'A' - 22 Treasure Value

Team Campbell - 100 Treasure Value

Elysium - 174 Treasure Value

Army of 'Murder' - 368 Treasure Value

Black Souls - 493 Treasure Value

Acquisitions Incorporated - 519 Treasure Value

Holy Order - 571 Treasure Value




See you all soon at the next Scenario!

Posted on September 18, 2014 .